Building Materials

Building Materials

Our Cold Formed Steel construction is an advanced and precise system using the latest technology. As with all advanced technology the use of materials with the correct specifications is essential to ensure the total system will function efficiently and as designed. Using materials proven to comply to specification not only protects our equipment and the precision of the system, it determines the integrity of the dwelling or commercial structure to be built. Thanks to materials and components with proven quality levels we can offer you  confidence in the long term integrity of your project.

Perendes Technologies 550 Framing Steel 

General Description
Steel quality: G550 galvanizing Z275

The G550 is the ideal steel specification for all structural steel frame applications, to provide benefits in transportable and modular projects, high volume social housing, bespoke architectural designs or even light commercial applications.

The G550 quality is hot dipped galvanized structural grade steel, developed specifically to maximize the efficiency of cold-formed steel construction projects. 

The G550 steel quality provides the highest yield strength to minimize the total steel requirement in each of the engineered structures. It has a guaranteed minimum yield of 550MPa to maximize yield and lower build costs. 

More importantly, it is supplied with full compliance certificates to assure specifiers the materials are compliant to International Standards.

International Standards

The following International Standards correspond in full or in part to the manufacturing and processing of material dimensions listed in this document:

ISO 3575:2005 Continuous hot-dip zinc-coated carbon steel sheet of commercial and drawing qualities.
ISO 4998:2005 Continuous hot-dip zinc-coated carbon steel sheet of structural quality.
ISO 1460: Metallic coatings – Hot dip galvanised coatings on ferrous materials – Gravimetric determination of mass per unit area.


One another crucial part of our projects are the fasteners which are designed with 3 main objectives - speed, durability and performance.

Our screws are manufactured in high quality facilities to comply with industry standard requirements and ensure consistency in all aspects of their performance.


Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and approved facilities.
The fasteners comply with SAE J78, DIN 18182 and ASTM C 1002, as referred in ICBO report ER-5280, and are approved for use by the Uniform Building Code.
Patent protected.

Main Application

Pre-fabrication of steel frame walls and trusses
Drill Point: Designed for pre-punched as well as non-punched, BMT 0.95 to 1.55 mm steel
For complete connection design capacity information please contact with us to provide you the appropriate documents. 
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